The Beauty of Chemistry

The Beauty of Chemistry

Images and text capture the astonishing beauty of the chemical processes that create snowflakes, bubbles, flames, and other wonders of nature.

Chemistry is not just about microscopic atoms doing inscrutable things; it is the process that makes flowers and galaxies. We rely on it for bread-baking, vegetable-growing, and producing the materials of daily life. In stunning images and illuminating text, this book captures chemistry as it unfolds. Using such techniques as microphotography, time-lapse photography, and infrared thermal imaging, The Beauty of Chemistry shows us how chemistry underpins the formation of snowflakes, the science of champagne, the colors of flowers, and other wonders of nature and technology. We see the marvelous configurations of chemical gardens; the amazing transformations of evaporation, distillation, and precipitation; heat made visible; and more.




The Beauty of Chemistry

Chemische schoonheid in tekst en beeld Stel je bijna vierhonderd pagina’s voor van onze rubriek uit C2W ’In Beeld’ en je hebt een indruk van het recent verschenen fotoboek The Beauty...

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